How to install AIO Store Locator on BigCommerce

To create your own Store Locator on BigCommerce store, you need to have:

  1. Account on AIO Store Locator. If you don't have it yet, navigate to AIO Store Locator Dashboard and sign up for free today
  2. Store set-up on BigCommerce. Navigate to BigCommerce Sign-in Page. If you don't have it yet, navgate to BigCommerce Sign Up Page and create your BigCommerce Account.

Step 1: Log-in to your BigCommerce admin dashboard

Navigate to your admin dashboard by visiting BigCommerce Log-in Page and enter your login credentials you used while setting up your store

Enter your login credentials

Step 2: Add a Store Locator page

A- From your BigCommerce admin dashboard, go to Storefront > Web Pages

B- Click Create a Web Page if you are creating a page for the first time or edit an existing page

Add a Store Locator page

Step 3: Enter details to add a page

C- Add any name as a Page Name for the new page. Note: Page name will be displayed with your website page URL in the address bar

D- Login to your AIO dashboard by visiting AIO Store Locator login page. Copy the HTML snippet from AIO Store Locator Dashboard > Installer and paste it in the Page Content section.

Store Locator Demo

E- Click Save

Enter details to add a page

Step 4: View Store Locator Preview

F- Click View Page to see the preview of your new store locator

View Store Locator Preview

Congratulations!! Your AIO Store Locator installation on BigCommerce is successful. Please verify it.

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